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The Power of A Milimeter by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins deiscusses what it takes to be a winner and loser. How you can become a success or failure.
Tony uses lots of real life examples.

He pulls stories at his own attempt of golfing. He also uses the surgical knife of a plastic surgeon as a way to look at how people can be transformed.

The mindset he explains can be just the difference between getting everything you want and not getting anything can be measured in milimeters.

this is a very powerful life’s lesson.

You claim some of Tony’s wisdom here: Lessons in Mastery

Mastery of Self for Success

Frank C. Haddock created an incredilbly powerful work about creating your own personal power. He descirbes this is his book called Mastery for Wealth Power Success..

His book gives practical knowledge aobut how you can harness this power for your own benefit. He describes in depth the way to use this power.

Be careful and tread lightly here. These lessons are filled with insight.


Let us understand. You cannot reasonably hope to succeed by merely
DREAMING about success.

You surely cannot achieve success if you PLUNGE BLINDLY through
your career.

You cannot really succeed without possessing some degree of

When you began the present study, you certainly possessed a
measure of magnetic capacity, either physical or psychic,
otherwise you would not have purchased this book. If you have
energetically observed its directions, you have developed both
varieties; but, above that, you have also combined them into one
living whole, the magnetic personality.

This result has required at least a year of persistent effort. If
you have arrived at this point in less time, you should go back
and begin where haste first retarded your progress.


No matter how great may be your ability to read and understand
books, that growth, that law, require time as well as intelligent
effort. No matter how poor may be your ability in such respect,
that growth is absolutely certain if you put reasonable time and
genuine effort into its acquisition.

The giant trees of California were once puny saplings. The slow
lapse of time has drawn nature into their mighty hearts. Magnetism
can no more be acquired by the mere reading of a book, or by
hurried practice of its directions, than can these giants of the
West be produced in the hot-house culture of a northern summer.

MAGNETIC GROWTH IS NATURALLY SLOW. Its principles, its methods,
and the results of its study, have to be deeply sunk into and
absorbed and assimilated by the subjective self before the
reaction of magnetism in the objective life can obtain. This book
has promised no miracle. If you have read it correctly, you have
learned that magnetic growth cannot be hurried.

These statements are placed here because, had they appeared at the beginning of our
work, the outlook would have seemed, perhaps, discouraging, but
more especially because they would not have been understood. You
now understand them because you have toiled, and you can afford to
smile at such possible discouragement. You have paid an easy price
for magnetic power, for the gains discount the pains.


The faithful observance of the suggestions of this volume has
developed many surprises during the time occupied. It is possible
that the lessons have unduly cultivated your subjective life. In a
work of this kind, such a danger is unavoidable.

The growth of magnetism involves intense and continuous concentration of thought
upon the psychic field, and it is very likely that you may find it
necessary to guard against that danger. The method of so guarding
is briefly indicated below.

The sole value of magnetism consists in its practical application
to everyday affairs. Success-Magnetism is not an accomplishment
merely; it is a practical power. When rightly developed and used,
it controls the subjective self in the concrete work of the
objective. The definition of the goal you have been seeking now


The first duty of man is practical sanity.

Seize your power….

albert grande