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Ram Dass: The Power of Belief and Laughter

A number of years ago, I spent several days with Ram Dass, meditating and discussing life.

He was able to share lots of valuable insights.

I recently came accross some notes I had taken during that time.

I want to share them with you now.

“Enlightenment is standing nowhere”.

“The roofbeams have been broken.”

“Freedom is the heart wide open.”

“Laughter has the capacity to get close to the opening of the heart.”

And most importantly:

“Love everyone and tell the truth.”

You can visit Ram Dass, here at his website.

Here are some great talks with Ram Dass:

Here is an amazing mediatation program:

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Guided Relaxation in Meditation for Self Development

 When you guide your body and mind to relaxation, it helps you to meditate freely without the clutter. With guided relaxation, you will learn skills on how to relax to relieve stress, reach goals gain success, and make better decisions. You have a few options when considering relaxation and meditation.

You can guide into meditation by using music. Choosing a soft, low sound for relaxing for guided relaxation through meditation is a good way to practice meditation. Music will make your body relax and let go of the stress that is causing you to make poor decisions on how you live your life.

How to relax and meditate: Find a quiet place where you can be alone. For instance on the beach, in a wooded area and so on.

The natural environment will allow you feel nature, including the birds and the breeze running through your hair, or even in a dark room. The beach or a grassy spot in the woods is my pick because it makes it easier to use your imagination and listen to the music at the same time. Lay down on your back with hands and feet out straight. Using your imagination think far away where you’d like to go and feel the air.

For instance think about floating on a cloud; watch the clouds moving around you and the wind blowing through you hair. Listen to the music that is playing and let your toes float like they are leaving your body. Once your toes are fully relaxed, start overall foot; keep going on up until your head is floating to catch up with the rest of your body. As you begin to relax, your body will feel funny from tingling.

You are getting feedback from your body and mind. Just let it go. Practice relaxation each day if possible to help you relieve stress from a long day.

You will be able to make better decisions at the workplace by improving your developmental skills. Making good decisions will help you become more successful so you can reach your goals and become a new person. Look up information that will help you relax and learn from others the different things they do to relax and meditate by searching the Internet for self-development skills tips.

There are many different articles that I’m sure they will benefit you and help guide you to learning new skills through meditation for self-developing skills.

On the Internet, you will also find free music to guide you to relaxation in meditation. You can download the music onto your PC and learn self-development skills while you are meditating. Learn to relax and handle everyday stress by learning mediation for self-development today. Download a new screensaver onto your PC free from the Internet as well.

These screensavers will flash guided relaxation messages that you won’t even be able to see but your subconscious can and will pick up the sounds to help you relax and think positive on relaxing and becoming a better person. Taking time out for yourself is relaxing and learns at the same time by visiting your nearest library.

Sit in the quiet and read about how to learn skills of meditation for self-development. Libraries are always nice to read and relax because it is very quiet and peaceful.

Excerpt from Mediation for Everyday Life

A Wonderful Meditation Video

I am honored to share the following video with you.

It is the kind of visual and acoustic relaxation for you mind and body.

I found myself moving into alpha states of relaxation extremely easily. The sights and sounds contained in this video will show you how to relax.

It will point you in the right direction.

You may want to book mark this page to come back again and again. Use this as a tool to help you relieve stress and recharge you life's energy.

We all need to slow down once in a while.

I found myself extremely quiet inside. that is difficult for me at times, as I like to talk. A lot.

Sometimes though, you need to be quiet. Sometimes.

I let my problems and issues bubble to the surface.

 The title is of this video called: In the Morning Light.

The music title  is called The Heart of Reiki
The artist is Merlin's Magic


Enjoy this wonderful piece. Use it as another tool to help you..

albert grande
Student of Life



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