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I didn’t want to say yes, and I didn’t want to say no

A True Christmas Memory…

Here’s the story (excerpted from¬†The Littlest Miracle, a book to be released soon) I didn’t want to say yes, and I didn’t want to say no…

Kama is is 3, and very excited about Christmas. We go to a party at Uncle Chico’s House.

The rumor is that Santa will be there.

Instead of being excited, Kama looks a little nervous. Well I thought to myself: I’d be nervous myself, meeting Santa…

After dinner at the party, there is a knock at the door, and there is the legendary man himself: Santa Claus.

All the kids line up getting ready to sit on his lap and tell Santa what they want. Kama gets in the back of the line…she still has the funny expression on her face.

When her turn comes up she slowly goes up to Santa.”Ah Kamalei…” he says “So nice to see you… Have you been a good girl this year?..”Kama says nothing. Santa is stunned.

He asks her again. She remains tight lipped and does not respond…

In desperation, Santa laughs and says “Oh of course you’ve been a good girl!”

Kama whispers in Santa’s ear, and smiles.Santa announces that he needs to go. “Merry Christmas to all!” he shouts as he goes through the door.

I looked at Kama and ask her why she did not tell Santa she had been a good girl…

“Dad” she explains, “I didn’t want to say yes, and I didn’t want to say no!

…I didn’t want to get in trouble…”

Wow, I thought, way smarter than I thought. Kama basically pleaded the 5th.

If she said yes, she was a good girl, she would have been lying, and she would not get presents. 

If she said no, she was not a good girl she would be telling the truth, but she still wouldn’t get anything.

So instead, she chose to not incriminate herself…and said nothing!

Brilliant reasoning I thought….”you are my Littlest Miracle…”

Dancing With God: A True Story

Dancing with God…a true story is an incredible story of Spritual Consciousness.

From A Spritual Gift Website:

Most people consciously or unconsciously are desperately searching for divine love and spiritual connection in their life.

“People are not conscious about what they are unconscious about, until they become aware of that fact. The deeper premiss of my book, “Dancing With God a true story”, teaches Spiritual Consciousness in daily life, which helps you in concrete ways to experience more happiness, better relationships and living from deeper meaning.”

Gain help in recognizing spiritual experiences, exposure to a broader awareness of what they may look like, and why this helps your life, regardless of your situation.”

Dancing With God…a true story This inspirational and compelling true story of Marian Massie’s communication with God is engaging and keeps you at the edge of your seat, while opening your heart.

Here is an excerpt of this very powerful book:

I WOKE UP IN A SWEAT, MY HEART ALMOST POUNDING out of my chest. I frantically looked around my bedroom, afraid to remember my dream. Dreams had always been my good friends, but this one disturbed me greatly.

I absolutely knew I would always remember this dream, just like other powerful ones in my past, but this one left an emotional baggage – fear

Dancing With God The Book really is a spiritual gift.

Dancing with God…a true story