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I didn’t want to say yes, and I didn’t want to say no

A True Christmas Memory…

Here’s the story (excerpted from The Littlest Miracle, a book to be released soon) I didn’t want to say yes, and I didn’t want to say no…

Kama is is 3, and very excited about Christmas. We go to a party at Uncle Chico’s House.

The rumor is that Santa will be there.

Instead of being excited, Kama looks a little nervous. Well I thought to myself: I’d be nervous myself, meeting Santa…

After dinner at the party, there is a knock at the door, and there is the legendary man himself: Santa Claus.

All the kids line up getting ready to sit on his lap and tell Santa what they want. Kama gets in the back of the line…she still has the funny expression on her face.

When her turn comes up she slowly goes up to Santa.”Ah Kamalei…” he says “So nice to see you… Have you been a good girl this year?..”Kama says nothing. Santa is stunned.

He asks her again. She remains tight lipped and does not respond…

In desperation, Santa laughs and says “Oh of course you’ve been a good girl!”

Kama whispers in Santa’s ear, and smiles.Santa announces that he needs to go. “Merry Christmas to all!” he shouts as he goes through the door.

I looked at Kama and ask her why she did not tell Santa she had been a good girl…

“Dad” she explains, “I didn’t want to say yes, and I didn’t want to say no!

…I didn’t want to get in trouble…”

Wow, I thought, way smarter than I thought. Kama basically pleaded the 5th.

If she said yes, she was a good girl, she would have been lying, and she would not get presents. 

If she said no, she was not a good girl she would be telling the truth, but she still wouldn’t get anything.

So instead, she chose to not incriminate herself…and said nothing!

Brilliant reasoning I thought….”you are my Littlest Miracle…”

Stress is Your Choice

If stress is a choice, than we can choose not to have stress. If you feel like your
stress levels are off the charts, author David Zerfoss has a new perspective for you
that can change your life. Stress is a Choice, provides ten rules that provide an
inspired road map to simplify life and to choose less stress.

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The Power of A Milimeter by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins deiscusses what it takes to be a winner and loser. How you can become a success or failure.
Tony uses lots of real life examples.

He pulls stories at his own attempt of golfing. He also uses the surgical knife of a plastic surgeon as a way to look at how people can be transformed.

The mindset he explains can be just the difference between getting everything you want and not getting anything can be measured in milimeters.

this is a very powerful life’s lesson.

You claim some of Tony’s wisdom here: Lessons in Mastery

Success Formula to Reach Your Goal

1 – The Ultimate Success Formula

In life, things that we do always have a model for us to follow. In maths and sciences, they are known as “formula”. We can apply those formula in questions and challenges that we are given by the teachers.

So, I’ve always been wondering, is there any formula for success? Can I just follow the pattern to achieve success? I never knew the answer is a “yes”. Not before I came across to this formula.

After studying and researching on successful people, I discovered that these successful individuals, who came from different sector, doing different kind of thing or even making different decisions if they were given the same situation, have something in common.

It doesn’t matter you want to be a successful sales person, an inspiring teacher, a top speaker, a New York Times Best-Selling author or even a billionaire. It’s still the same. All of these can be achieved if you take distinctive steps to get to what you want.

Follow the 6 steps. You’ll get anything you want. If you missed any of it, your dream is saying “bye bye” to you.

Step 1: Have a very specific goal


The very first step to get what you want is to know exactly what you want. Most people seems like they never achieved anything. It’s simply because they are clear of what they want.

Most people know that they want to be successful. But why are they still at the same place after a few years? They never make themselves clear of what they want in life. They never make it specific.

Everyone can say that they want to become successful. But what is the definition of your successful? You can say that you’re successful with an income of $20,000. You can also say that you’re successful with an income of $6,000.

You must be specific of what you want. Give it a figure. Instead of saying acing my exam, why don’t you say scoring 90+ for my exam. You see, it’s more specific. Scoring 80 is an A. Scoring 90 is an A too. But they are 2 different As.
You can actually see the difference. Being specific doesn’t just allow you to know what you want. You actually gain more energy to work towards it. To make it better, add a time span for it.

Let’s say your salary now is $3,500. You want to get pay $10,000 monthly. So by when you want to achieve it. Give it a time span. Let’s make it 6 months. So your goal is to get a pay of $10,000 in 6 months.

Being specific in what you want can help you to move towards your goal. It can be a kind of motivation.

Very few successful experiences happen by chances… no matter a race or a position. Most of it happens by design. Successful people design what they want. The sad part is most people never design their life.

And that’s why, those who actually design theirs can be at the top of these people. They can get what they want. Those who never design their life often end up falling into someone else’s plan.

Only when we knew what we want specifically, we are then able to focus on our energy and talents. Focus like a laser beam honing on its target. And when we’re moving to the target, we develop the resources that we need.

Wherever you are in life right at this moment, you have to start to sat specific goals. Without specific goals, you’ll never achieve what you want. You find that you can’t move far from where you are now.

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Secrets of the World Classs Movie

Striving for peak performance in life requires mental toughness. The Secrets of the
World Class movie will be a spark to ignite you to go from mediocrity to greatness.
Take 3 minutes to enjoy and rejuvenate your champion within!

Listen and ask yourself:

How do I see myself?

What strikes home for me is this: “The Middle Calss is Frustrated….”

“The World Class is Grateful…”

“The Middle Class competes…”
The World Class creates..”

How To Get What You Want

The following video is taken from the It Works System.

The basis of It Works are the Three Positive Rules of Accomplishment.

Rule Number 1:

Read the list of what you want, 3 times a day.
Morning noon and night.

Rule Number 2:

Think of What You Want, as often as possible

Rule Number 3:

Do Not Talk to Anyone about you plan,
except the greater power with-in you.

Here is the video which reinforces the Three Rules of Accomplishment:

This video is included in the It Works System.

What you can believe, you can achieve.

It Works:
e-book and audio book

Start with the e-book
‘It Works”.

This is the kingpin of the entire system. Don’t worry, it’s a short book. Read it. Then read it again. And again…And then again. Imprint it in your mind.

Also included is an MP3 (audio) of It Works. Play it on your computer, IPOD, Iphone or another portable device.

What you can conceive, you will achieve!

And this will help!

It Works System.

The Law of Attraction Stories with The American Monk

The following is a gem by The American Monk, Burt Goldman. In the following teaches You How 
to Prevent Negative Thoughts 
Or the Negative Energies of Others from Affecting You.

Goldman is an interesting teacher. He has a very down to earth prentation. He gives a number of laws of attraction stories. His video lessons are filled with ways to tap into the law of abundance.

He also talks about the secret to success. He explains that there work involved in getting to where you are. He says that it takes work to be a success but more importantly it the same amount to be of work to be a failure.

He explains that the law of attraction can help you get positive things of your life. This can also work in the opposite direction. There are are energy fields in the law of attraction.

He says that with coincidences seem to have no apparent cause. But because it is not apparent does not make it any less real. Remember that in this law of abundance your energy field is always at work. Goldman also talks about your energy can work for you.

If you are interested in the Law of attraction, I urge you to tak a look at The It Works System. Discover a simple step by step approach to have The Law of Attraction. Anything you can believe, you can achieve.

to your absolute success,

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

And make sure you check out It Works

It Works, An Excerpt

I wanted to let you know if you are interested in the Law of Attraction, and mainfesting things in your life, It Works is a powerful book.
I wanted to include an excerpt from It Works.
I think it is worth reading:

“To get what you want is no more mysterious or uncertain than the radio waves all around you. Tune in correctly and you get a perfect result, but to do this, it is, of course, necessary to know something of your equipment and have a plan of operation.

You have within you a mighty power, anxious and willing to serve you, a power capable of giving you that which you earnestly desire. This power is described by Thomas Jay

Hudson, Ph.D., LL.D., author of “The Law of Psychic Phenomena,” as your subjective mind. Other learned writers use different names and terms, but all agree that it is omnipotent.”
That’s right: omnipotent. All powerful!
There are many places on the Internet where you can get a copy of It Works . Look around, and you may be able to find one at a bargain price.
You will not be disappointed.
I feel that my most intensive learning and retention comes when I use different modalities to learn. That means to learn visually as well as using auditory methods.
While you can find It Works many places, you will only find one place where you can get an audio,  a pdf. and a quick start guide with work sheets.
You can find the whole system at this link:
If you are serious about the law of attraction, you may want to take another look.
I want to say thanks for your support.
Upward and Upward,
Albert Grande
P.S. You can still claim It Works with all of the bonus material. Claim your copy here:

It Works System

Here's a true story. Last week I had the flu.

Yeah, I did get the flu shot, and I thought it would help.

I was laid up for a few days and it gave me some time to think.

As I recovered I made a vow to complete all of the projects I had started, but never finished.

So I got motivated. And I finished some projects in record time.

I want to share one of them with you now.

It's called

It Works System

 It Works is one of those hidden gems of truth that has been buried in time.

It created quite a sensation when it was released and many of the principles inside are totally relevant today.

It Works is an e-book which is all about attracting things you want into your life. It's an easy step by step method which can help you decide what it is you really want. And how to acheive it. I also created an audio book.

Would you do me a favor and take a look?

Here is the link: It Works

It's really a System and contains a quick start guide with a bonus e-book and audio book called Self Mastery Through Conscious Auto Suggestion.

There are some other bonus items also. The cool thing about this is that I set it up so you can download everything or listen to everything on-line. You do not have to download the audios if you don't want to.

I have used the concepts explained in my own life with exta-ordianary results. No kidding. I just think this is something you may find helpful in your own life.

So please take a look and let me know what you think. If you feel it may be helpful, for you, claim your copy now.

You can see it right here:

It Works System  Honestly, I believe in It Works.

These ideas have really changed my life for the better.

And I continue to reach all of my goals, because I know that to be true. I believe that I live with infinite abundance. I have been truly blessed. And I hope all of your life dreams and goals become reality for you.

For the truth is: what you believe, you can achieve. Thanks so much for listening. I appreciate you and I thank you for your continued support.

Be well. Stay Well. May all of your dreams become reality.

Albert Grande

P.S. I greatly appreciate you at least taking a look:

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