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I didn’t want to say yes, and I didn’t want to say no

A True Christmas Memory…

Here’s the story (excerpted from The Littlest Miracle, a book to be released soon) I didn’t want to say yes, and I didn’t want to say no…

Kama is is 3, and very excited about Christmas. We go to a party at Uncle Chico’s House.

The rumor is that Santa will be there.

Instead of being excited, Kama looks a little nervous. Well I thought to myself: I’d be nervous myself, meeting Santa…

After dinner at the party, there is a knock at the door, and there is the legendary man himself: Santa Claus.

All the kids line up getting ready to sit on his lap and tell Santa what they want. Kama gets in the back of the line…she still has the funny expression on her face.

When her turn comes up she slowly goes up to Santa.”Ah Kamalei…” he says “So nice to see you… Have you been a good girl this year?..”Kama says nothing. Santa is stunned.

He asks her again. She remains tight lipped and does not respond…

In desperation, Santa laughs and says “Oh of course you’ve been a good girl!”

Kama whispers in Santa’s ear, and smiles.Santa announces that he needs to go. “Merry Christmas to all!” he shouts as he goes through the door.

I looked at Kama and ask her why she did not tell Santa she had been a good girl…

“Dad” she explains, “I didn’t want to say yes, and I didn’t want to say no!

…I didn’t want to get in trouble…”

Wow, I thought, way smarter than I thought. Kama basically pleaded the 5th.

If she said yes, she was a good girl, she would have been lying, and she would not get presents. 

If she said no, she was not a good girl she would be telling the truth, but she still wouldn’t get anything.

So instead, she chose to not incriminate herself…and said nothing!

Brilliant reasoning I thought….”you are my Littlest Miracle…”

How to Harness Your Inner Power

The Power of Body Language

This video from Ted shows you how posturing your body you are able to use your body language to significantly change how your life unfolds.

Amy Cuddy explains the ultimate power of using body language. This is the power of non-verbals and how powerful they are to other people.

However these concepts are ture, our own body language can influence ourselves.

These are old universal symbols that are shared by animals and humans alike. When you pretend to be powerful you are actually more powerful.

The question is can our bodies change our minds. By showing non-verbal powerful body language we will be much more successful.

 The body can actually shape the mind…..

High power poses can really make you more powerful. These non-verbal really do g0vern how we think and feel about ourselves.

Our bodies can indeed change our minds…

The Power of A Milimeter by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins deiscusses what it takes to be a winner and loser. How you can become a success or failure.
Tony uses lots of real life examples.

He pulls stories at his own attempt of golfing. He also uses the surgical knife of a plastic surgeon as a way to look at how people can be transformed.

The mindset he explains can be just the difference between getting everything you want and not getting anything can be measured in milimeters.

this is a very powerful life’s lesson.

You claim some of Tony’s wisdom here: Lessons in Mastery

“I Love Life, I am happy…”

Nick Vujicic is truly insirational. He is a person who is a hero and a role model to all. Young, old, healthy or disabled, Nick’s story and life will amaze you!

Nick Vujicic and his attitude serve as a great examples of the celebration of life over limitations.

The human spirit can handle much more than we realize.

Listen and learn from Nick:

When he was 8 he started to feel bad about himself. He was feeling bad because he never thought he would get married, never have a normal kind of life. But look at Nick now!

It’s a lie to think you are not good enough says Nick. Its a lie to think you are not good enough. It’s a lie to think you are not worth anything.

As Nick says, you just need to be thankful! You need to be patient.

From Nick’s website:

With Nick Vujicic what you see is not what you get. People expect someone who is discouraged and broken, instead they meet an unforgettable man of great promise and strength. His powerful message will leave a lasting impression on everyone who hears him. Nick is awe inspiring and the impact of his presence will take your breath away. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear what he has to say.

Here is Nick’s website: Attitude is Altitude

Check out Life Without Limbs

National Make a Difference Day

This Saturday, 10/22, is National Make a Difference Day. Help others on your team
as well as your community and watch how what may seem a small effort on your part
create a ripple effect of a positive difference in the lives of those around you.
This ripple effect is what Andy Andrews shares in his Simple Truths book and movie,
The Butterfly Effect.

Success Formula to Reach Your Goal

1 – The Ultimate Success Formula

In life, things that we do always have a model for us to follow. In maths and sciences, they are known as “formula”. We can apply those formula in questions and challenges that we are given by the teachers.

So, I’ve always been wondering, is there any formula for success? Can I just follow the pattern to achieve success? I never knew the answer is a “yes”. Not before I came across to this formula.

After studying and researching on successful people, I discovered that these successful individuals, who came from different sector, doing different kind of thing or even making different decisions if they were given the same situation, have something in common.

It doesn’t matter you want to be a successful sales person, an inspiring teacher, a top speaker, a New York Times Best-Selling author or even a billionaire. It’s still the same. All of these can be achieved if you take distinctive steps to get to what you want.

Follow the 6 steps. You’ll get anything you want. If you missed any of it, your dream is saying “bye bye” to you.

Step 1: Have a very specific goal


The very first step to get what you want is to know exactly what you want. Most people seems like they never achieved anything. It’s simply because they are clear of what they want.

Most people know that they want to be successful. But why are they still at the same place after a few years? They never make themselves clear of what they want in life. They never make it specific.

Everyone can say that they want to become successful. But what is the definition of your successful? You can say that you’re successful with an income of $20,000. You can also say that you’re successful with an income of $6,000.

You must be specific of what you want. Give it a figure. Instead of saying acing my exam, why don’t you say scoring 90+ for my exam. You see, it’s more specific. Scoring 80 is an A. Scoring 90 is an A too. But they are 2 different As.
You can actually see the difference. Being specific doesn’t just allow you to know what you want. You actually gain more energy to work towards it. To make it better, add a time span for it.

Let’s say your salary now is $3,500. You want to get pay $10,000 monthly. So by when you want to achieve it. Give it a time span. Let’s make it 6 months. So your goal is to get a pay of $10,000 in 6 months.

Being specific in what you want can help you to move towards your goal. It can be a kind of motivation.

Very few successful experiences happen by chances… no matter a race or a position. Most of it happens by design. Successful people design what they want. The sad part is most people never design their life.

And that’s why, those who actually design theirs can be at the top of these people. They can get what they want. Those who never design their life often end up falling into someone else’s plan.

Only when we knew what we want specifically, we are then able to focus on our energy and talents. Focus like a laser beam honing on its target. And when we’re moving to the target, we develop the resources that we need.

Wherever you are in life right at this moment, you have to start to sat specific goals. Without specific goals, you’ll never achieve what you want. You find that you can’t move far from where you are now.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking is very powerful. When you have positive thoughts, you will change yourself and your destiny. To be effective you need to not only think about this but you must believe it.

Let’s say two people are trying to complete the same difficult task. Both people are equally intelligent and equally skilled. One of those people has a positive mental attitude. They are confident that they can complete the task. The other is full of anxiety and self-doubt. They are worried they can’t do it.

Who do you think will probably be able to complete the task fastest, and with fewer mistakes? Chances are very good that the confident individual would finish first, and with better quality work.

Why? It’s simple. People make mistakes when they are stressed out. When they are upset, depressed, frustrated, or angry, they have a harder time dealing with things.

How many times have you been trying to do something and you got very frustrated or even angry? Did you find it harder to get it done? Maybe you were trying to repair something and you kept dropping your tools, and the more it  happened, the angrier you got. And of course, the angrier you got, the more it happened.

Negativity affects you in many ways, but it can make it extremely difficult to get things done. When you think negative thoughts, it will often affect your behavior without you even realizing it.

Instead, you must focus on thinking positively. Whenever negative thoughts enter your mind, you have to learn to push them right back out again, or replace them with a positive thought.

You need to learn to eliminate negativity from your life in order to improve it.

You must realize the power of positive thinking does work. It works by changing your attitude toward a situation. This opens your mind to getting more done, to completing tasks easier, and to having the confidence it takes to make things happen.

This simple process can make your dreams come true. When you are happier, you beceome more confident, and positive, you will accomplish much more. And there’s no “magic” in that!


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