A Tender Warrior Video: In Honor of Heroes

A "Tender Warrior" shares 5 Leadership Letters from the life of LT. General Hal Moore.  These are really Leadership Lessons…

His and his soldier’s story is the basis for the movie We Were Soldiers.

Take a few minutes to watch this story of strength and dedication.

The book includes his letters, photographs and the gift of Hal Moore's example of a life of service and leadership.

It is a special way to honor, show appreciation and thank those who have served their country.

"When we step on the battlefield,
I will be the first boots on, and the last boots off…"


General Moore talks about life and war. He is a true American hero….

Listen to his message.


God Bless You General Moore.

God Bless America…

This is a powerful message about public trust. and The Law Abundance.

His message is one of forgiveness and hope.

General Moore hiked into his 70's. Skiied in his 80's. He broke his back in a helicopter crash. He keeps moving forward.

 Click Below to play movie:

A Tender Warrior

General Moore. I salute you and I thank you!


You can see We Were Soldiers here:


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