A Wonderful Meditation Video

I am honored to share the following video with you.

It is the kind of visual and acoustic relaxation for you mind and body.

I found myself moving into alpha states of relaxation extremely easily. The sights and sounds contained in this video will show you how to relax.

It will point you in the right direction.

You may want to book mark this page to come back again and again. Use this as a tool to help you relieve stress and recharge you life's energy.

We all need to slow down once in a while.

I found myself extremely quiet inside. that is difficult for me at times, as I like to talk. A lot.

Sometimes though, you need to be quiet. Sometimes.

I let my problems and issues bubble to the surface.

 The title is of this video called: In the Morning Light.

The music title  is called The Heart of Reiki
The artist is Merlin's Magic


Enjoy this wonderful piece. Use it as another tool to help you..

albert grande
Student of Life



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Law of Attraction and Lessons from Ben and Jerry

by Albert Grande


Ben and Jerry practiced a powerful marketing model. This article discusses these secrets with a first hand account of their methods. 


Many years ago, I lived in Vermont when a new home-made ice cream store opened its doors.

The ice cream stand, located in Burlington, was in a gas station that had long ago been abandoned. This was not a fancy operation. This was very bare bones. It was functional without a lot of fluff.

Behind the counter were several ice cream machines that looked like they could barely work. The machines squeaked and moaned as they turned, creating home-made ice cream.

The people behind the counter had a passion for what they were doing. They eagerly served their customers whatever was requested. Each customer was treated as if they were special. A nod and a smile or positive comment accompanied each item sold. The were attracting business using some powerful methods. They were using The Law of Attraction, to grow thier business.

Slowly by slowly the business grew. Ice cream cone by ice cream cone the word went out: if you want to get great ice cream, you need to check out Ben and Jerry’s. People flocked to the ice cream store. Soon, lines out the door were common. Ben and Jerry were advertising their product with powerful, word of mouth, viral marketing.

The reason for their success was more than just the ice cream. They gave back to the community. The owners started a tradition during the summer by showing free movies once a week. The movie was projected on a wall outside the ice cream stand.

This became a much anticipated community event. Crowds showed up for every movie, with blankets and beach chairs. They turned the parking lot into a miniature drive-in theater. The crowds ordered a lot of ice cream. They all told a lot of their friends about Ben and Jerry’s. Now their marketing message was spreading like a virus.

I left Vermont and moved back several years later. The ice cream stand had moved down the street to a brand new location. Business was booming. The tradition of summer movies had been replaced by various community projects.

Now, the ice cream owners sponsored concerts, festivals and fairs and continued to give back to the community. They made a point of supporting local farmers. All of the milk and produce that went into their ice cream was always purchased locally, first.

After a few years, the demand for their ice cream increased. First demand increased in Vermont, then to neighboring states, and finally across the country. Pretty soon their products began to show up in grocery stores as well. Ben and Jerry were using The Law of Attraction to build their business.

When Ben and Jerry’s were big enough to start selling stock, they had state-wide community meetings. The initial stocks (Initial Public Offering) were sold first, through these community meetings. Any Vermonter who wanted to buy part of Ben and Jerry’s company was given the opportunity. They always remembered the local community. They never forgot where they came from and their mission.

Ben and Jerry became very successful but never forgot they started in that abandoned gas station all those years ago. They always thought of their customers. They continued to give back to the community. They capitalized on word of mouth advertising and fierce brand loyalty.

They practiced the law of reciprocity. If you give something, you will get something.

They always remembered their customers. They gave much to their customers and they got much back in return.

They also had supreme faith and used the Law of Attraction to help grow their business.

The lesson here is clear: have passion, then, take action.
Ben and Jerry had big ideas that took their company to the next level.
Always remember your customers and the power of word of mouth advertising. Don't forget the law of attraction to help gorw your business.

Remember always, the law of reciprocity. When you give back, you get back…


Albert Grande, also known as the Pizza Promoter, practices “The Law of Reciprocity” at his websites. He is an author, educator, Internet marketer and pizza man.

Claim your copy of The Law of Reciprocity, here.


You can get a free copy of his e-book about “Big Ideas” at this link.

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A Tender Warrior Video: In Honor of Heroes

A "Tender Warrior" shares 5 Leadership Letters from the life of LT. General Hal Moore.  These are really Leadership Lessons…

His and his soldier’s story is the basis for the movie We Were Soldiers.

Take a few minutes to watch this story of strength and dedication.

The book includes his letters, photographs and the gift of Hal Moore's example of a life of service and leadership.

It is a special way to honor, show appreciation and thank those who have served their country.

"When we step on the battlefield,
I will be the first boots on, and the last boots off…"


General Moore talks about life and war. He is a true American hero….

Listen to his message.


God Bless You General Moore.

God Bless America…

This is a powerful message about public trust. and The Law Abundance.

His message is one of forgiveness and hope.

General Moore hiked into his 70's. Skiied in his 80's. He broke his back in a helicopter crash. He keeps moving forward.

 Click Below to play movie:

A Tender Warrior

General Moore. I salute you and I thank you!


You can see We Were Soldiers here:


The Heart of a Teacher

Many of us can recall a teacher who inspired us to make the most of our strengths and encouraged us to overcome our weaknesses. As the end of the school year rushes closer, remember to thank the teachers and mentors in your life for all of their efforts. Enjoy this 3 minute movie that captures the essence of The Heart of a Teacher.


Enjoy, Albert Grande Check out this:
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The Secret with Bob Proctor

The Secret shows you how to manifest things in your life.

There is an important techniqe that you need to use.

Listen as Bob Proctior explains how the Secret literally changed his life 45 years ago.

Bob has travelled around spreading positive energy about this powerful source energy.

It truly is amazing.


Listen, learn and enjoy…

Here is a way to get more out of the Secret. Go here now:


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The Science of Getting Rich, Lesson 1

Make a Plan. Follow Your Plan.

Don't be like Dory…

To fully use The Law of Attraction in your everyday life you need a plan.

Create a plan and follow the plan.

Every day. You need to work the plan in order for the plan to work.

Let's face it, we all get distracted. It's easy to do  We have great intentions and them we loose ourselves along the way.

We start down a path, then we something else and go down a different path.  Once you start down the path, stay on the path.

A great example of this was Dory, in Finding Nemo.

Let me explain:

Marlon, a clown fish had lost his only son, Nemo, to some scuba divers. His lifelong quest became to find Nemo and bring him back home.

He had a plan. And he followed his plan. Then he met up with Dory.

Dory was a fish who had the best of intentions. She wanted to help Marlon, with his quest.

Unfortunately, she became distracted. She would forget what she was doing.  She would start to do something, and then forget why she started.

She wasn't following the plan.

Don't be like Dory.

Take a step right now…

Check out

Lesson 1

For more great information, learn the secret:

Learn the Exact Formula to Achieve Any Financial Goal With Mathematical
Certainty from the gurus featured in “the Secret

The Magic of Believing is You!

The Magic of Believing:
Suggestion is Power

by Albert Grande

"Thought attracts that which it is directed" explains Claude Bristol in The Magic of Believing. Bristol goes on to give valuable life-changing advice for anyone who desires change in their life.

Bristol's masterpiece written in 1948, opens with his description of how he was able to tap into the power of belief. His path, at first rambled through a succession of failures and mediocrity. Filled with countless personal anecdotes and real life stories, he shares his own journey of how he was able to transform his own life.

The Magic of Believing is full of examples in all fields where supreme concentration and self-belief not only overcame obstacles but created perfection. He describes both professional and amateur athletes whose belief in self overcame incredible accomplishments. He uses illustrations of all manner of ordinary people who were able to accomplish the extraordinary.

The underlying source of all achievement according to Bristol is belief. Belief alone, however, is not the answer. You must also enlist the power of the subconscious. This can be done through the repletion of words or phrases which will allow the subconscious to set events into motion for you.

Bristol gives a number of practical techniques which can be used immediately to produce results. One method is called the "mirror technique". He instructs you to stand in front of a mirror, and tell yourself what you want to accomplish for 5 to 10 minutes. This should be done at least twice a day. He reveals how this simple exercise will cause your desires to seep into your subconscious and soon become a reality.

Positive creative thought he concludes "leads to action and ultimate realization. Remember always whatever man can conceive mentally he can bring into materialization."

Use The Magic of Believing as a tool for you to bring your thoughts, wishes and desires to your life. Read it. Re-read it and believe it. The Magic of Believing is in you. 

The 212 Degree Movie

Russel Cowell said it in Acres of Diamonds:”

“Oh, I learned the lesson then that I will never forget so long as the tongue of the bell of time continues to swing for me. Greatness consists not in the holding of some future office, but really consists in doing great deeds with little means and the accomplishment of vast purposes from the private ranks of life. To be great at all one must be great here”

Here are some important thoughts from our friends from Simple Truths:

At 211 degrees, water is hot.

At 212 degrees, it boils.

And with boiling water comes steam.

And steam can power a locomotive.
So many times it is that one extra degree of effort in business and in life that
separates the good from the great.
The beauty of 212° is not only the simplicity but also the many applications. You
can apply the concept to 212° service, 212° attitude, 212° leadership, 212°
kindness, 212° commitment, 212° focus, 212° perseverance and the list goes on.
Whatever your passion or profession, how true it is!

Make this week your week to go from good to great. Go to www.shareasale.com today
to obtain your affiliate link and share it in your email, blog or on your website to
watch your commissions go from good to GREAT!

Here is another great movie you may eenjoy by Dr. Wayne Dyer:

Wayne Dyer 125x125