The Secret Riches Visualization Tool

This is an amazing film about the Law of Attraction. Watch it. Feel it. Learn it. Know it… You will be able to attract wealth. Use this video as a tool. This tool will allow you to attract money into your life.

The truth is that you need to be able and open to receive money. You need to be open and allow it to come to you. Often we do not allow the money to come to us. We push it away. Be open and you can begin to attract money. Of course, you also need to take action. Have passion and then take action.











Here is another great resource from the creators of The Secret:


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One of the keys, I believe, is repetition. You need to watch this video over and over. Download this video and be open to it. Watch it at least : once a day for 30 days. You will be quite surprised at the results.



On Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

What you think becomes reality

You can make the most of yourself only by getting rich; so it is right and praise-
worthy that you should give your first and best thought to the work of acquiring

Remember, however, that the desire of Substance is for all, and its movements
must be for more life to all; it cannot be made to work for less life to any, because
it is equally in all, seeking riches and life.

Intelligent Substance will make things for you, but it will not take things away
from some one else and give them to you.

You must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete
for what is already created.

You do not have to take anything away from any one.

You do not have to drive sharp bargains.

You do not have to cheat, or to take advantage. You do not need to let any man
work for you for less than he earns.

You do not have to covet the property of others, or to look at it with wishful eyes;
no man has anything of which you cannot have the like, and that without taking
what he has away from him.

You are to become a creator, not a competitor; you are going to get what you
want, but in such a way that when you get it every other man will have more than
he has now.

Riches secured on the competitive plane are never satisfactory and permanent;
they are yours today, and another’s tomorrow.

Remember, if you are to become rich in a scientific and certain way, you must rise entirely out of the competitive

You must never think for a moment that the supply is limited.

Just as soon as you begin to think that all the money is being “cornered” and controlled
by bankers and others, and that you must exert yourself to get laws passed to stop
this process, and so on; in that moment you drop into the competitive mind, and
your power to cause creation is gone for the time being; and what is worse, you
will probably arrest the creative movements you have already instituted.

KNOW that there are countless millions of dollars’ worth of gold in the moun-
tains of the earth, not yet brought to light; and know that if there were not, more
would be created from Thinking Substance to supply your needs.

KNOW that the money you need will come, even if it is necessary for a thousand
men to be led to the discovery of new gold mines to-morrow.

Never look at the visible supply; look always at the limitless riches in
Formless Substance, and KNOW that they are coming to you as fast as
you can receive and use them.

Nobody, by cornering the visible supply, can prevent you from getting what is yours.

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May you Be Blessed the Movie

The beautiful movie and gift book titled May You Be Blessed is about joy, gratitude, appreciation, kindness and love.

Rekindle your inner light by enjoying this 3 minute movie and be sure to bless someone else by sharing it with them.

May you be blessed with all things good…

May your joys like the stars at night be to numerous to count…

May your victories be more abundant than all the grains of sand…

May you be blessed…..

albert grande

Prosper from Charles Filmore

Charles Filmore

Charles Filmore was almost broke when he started The Modern Thought Publishing Company. He discovered that thorught thought and prayer all things were posssible. This excerpt from his very powerful work, Prosper.

He tuned into divine power and was able to completely turn his life toward the light.

Filmore’s ideas are filled with positive energy. He once explained:

“We increase whatever we praise. The whole creation responds to praise, and is glad.”

He also discussed, spiritual energy and wealth….

“The spiritual substance from which comes all visible
wealth is never depleted. It is right with you all the time and
responds to your faith in it and your demands on it. It is not
affected by our ignorant talk of hard times, though we are
affected because our thoughts and words govern our
demonstration. The unfailing resource is always ready to give.”

It has no choice in the matter; it must give, for that is its nature.
Pour your living words of faith into the omnipresent substance,
and you will be prospered though all the banks in the world close
their doors.

Turn the great energy of your thinking toward
“plenty” ideas, and you will have plenty regardless of what men
about you are saying or doing.

Discover more of Chales ideas here:

The Master Key and The Law of Abundance

Charles Haanel, discovered The Master Key and shared his thoughts on this freely. He felt this was one of the truths of the universe. Originally this was mailed out as a course.

Here is how Haanel began his teachings:

Some men seem to attract success, power, wealth, attainment, with very little conscious effort; others conquer with great difficulty; still others fail altogether to reach their ambitions, desires and ideals. Why is this so? Why should some men realize their ambitions easily, others with difficulty, and still others not at all? The cause cannot be physical, else the most perfect men, physically, would be the most successful.

The difference, therefore, must be mental – must be in the mind; hence mind must be the creative force, must constitute the sole difference between men. It is mind, therefore, which overcomes environment and every other obstacle in the path of men.

When the creative power of thought is fully understood, its effect will be seen to be marvelous. But such results cannot be secured without proper application, diligence, and concentration. The student will find that the laws governing in the mental and spiritual world are as fixed and infallible as in the material world. To secure the desired results, then, it is necessary to know the law and to comply with it.

A proper compliance with the law will be found to produce the desired result with invariable exactitude. The student who learns that power comes from within, that he is weak only because he has depended on help from outside, and who unhesitatingly throws himself on his own thought, instantly rights himself, stands erect, assumes a dominant attitude, and works miracles.

It is evident, therefore, that he who fails to fully investigate and take advantage of the wonderful progress which is being made in this last and greatest science, will soon be as far behind as the man who would refuse to acknowledge and accept the benefits which have accrued to mankind through an understanding of the laws of electricity.

Of course, mind creates negative conditions just as readily as favorable conditions, and when we consciously or unconsciously visualize every kind of lack, limitation and discord, we create these conditions; this is what many are unconsciously doing all the time.

This law as well as every other law is no respecter of persons, but is in constant operation and is relentlessly bringing to each individual exactly what he has created; in other words, “Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.”
Abundance, therefore, depends upon a recognition of the laws of Abundance, and the fact that Mind is not only the creator, but the only creator of all there is.

Certainly nothing can be created, before we know that it can be created and then make the proper effort. There is no more Electricity in the world today than there was fifty years ago, but until someone recognized the law by which it could be made of service, we received no benefit; now that the law is understood, practically the whole world is lit by it.

So with the law of Abundance; it is only those who recognize the law and place themselves in harmony with it, who share in its benefits.

Respectfully submitted,
Albert Grande

From Esther and Jerrry Hicks is a powerful DVD: