On Divine Source Energy from Henry Thomas Hamblin

Henry Thomas Hamblin wrote an amazing volume about the Power Within You. Called simply, Within You is the Power, Hamblin explains the source of that power: Divine Source Energy.

Man is not separate from his Divine Source and never has been. He is, in reality, one with the Infinite. The separation which he feels and experiences is mental, and is due to his blindness and unbelief. Man can never be separated from Spirit, for he himself is Spirit.

He is an integral part of one complete whole. He lives and moves andhas his being in God (Universal, Omnipresent Spirit), and God (Spirit) dwells in him.

The majority of people are unaware of this intimaterelationship with the Divine, and, because they are unaware, or because they refuse to believe it, they are, in one sense, separated from the inner life of God.

Yet this separation is only in theirthoughts and beliefs, and not in reality. Man is not separated andnever can be, yet so long as he believes that he is separate and alone, he will be as weak and helpless as though he actually were.

As soon as man realizes the truth of his relationship to the Infinite, he passes from weakness to power, from death unto life. One momenthe is in the desert, afar off, weak, separate, and alone; the next, he realizes that he is nothing less than a son of God, with all a son’s privileges and powers.

He realizes, in a flash, that he is one with his Divine Source, and that he can never be separated. He awakens also to the fact that all the Power of the Infinite is his to draw upon; that he can never really fail, that he is marching on to victory.

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How to Attract Money

I wanted to share with this interesting video by Bob Proctor about attracting money/

These is a little mind movie at the beginning about attracting wealth. Then bob Proctor gets into his message.

Bob starts off by talking about the famous bank robber Willie Sutton. When asked why he robbed banks, Willie replied: “That’s where the money is…”

Proctor explains that Willie was misguided for a couple of reasons. Then he explains how to attract money into your life.

This is a very interesting video. I feel there are some interesting point made.

Bob gives a great visualiztion on how to earn money. He calls it a Power Principle.

The spirit awaits direction from the soul…

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